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As the source for the area’s premiere industrial tool supply, Valley Tool recognizes that every company has unique procurement needs. We strive to meet those needs by offering Tool Management systems designed with different technology levels to reduce or eliminate acquisition costs.

To meet the constantly evolving needs and challenges of your business, all of our Tool Management options offer flexibility and adaptability. Together, we will determine the most cost-effective technology level to meet your tooling needs and objectives. Whether it be a complete vendor managed inventory or inventory management stocking options such a dedicated inventories or consignment programs – we will help you control inventory, and decrease waste and costs.

Organize your tooling needs with a tool management system.

Research has shown that:

40-80% of a supervisor's time is spent chasing tools
20% of a machinist's time is spent looking for tools.
16% of scheduled jobs are stopped by a lack of tooling
30-60% of tool inventory is out of control

tool management systems

Turn to your industrial tool supply professionals for all your tool management services. Offering an incredible return on investment, implementing a Tool Management system can lead to cost savings and increased productivity that offer payback in months, including an average of 50% savings on freight expenses.

Industrial Vending Machines

• 24/7 Unmanned Dispensing of Supplies
• Avoids Costly Stock-outs
• Comes in Variety of Options
• Programmable
• Generates Reports for Customer Usage/Trends
• Uses Authorization Cards & Traceable
• Designed for High-volume, Trouble-free Dispensing
• Holds a Wide Range of Supplies

Tool Scanning System

• Easy to Implement, Learn and Use
• Can Be Implemented Using
Virtually Any Tool Storage
• Expands to Remote Tool Cribs/Storage Units
• Reorders Sent to Distributor When Low
• Generates Reports to Track Usage & Control
• Almost Paperless
• Items are Secure Until Needed
• Reduces Inventory Levels
• Utilizes Bar Code Technology

Min/Max System

• Inventory Determined Through Weekly Visits
• Tool Crib Setting
• Smart Cribs Can Be Used to Track Tool Usage

Tool Crib Access

• Secure & Controllable Crib Entry
• Password Entry
• Electromagnetic Lock - 1500 lbs. of Force
• Designed for Gates and Doors
• Exit Push Button
• No Moving Parts - Low Maintenance
• Flexible Configuration
• 24/7 Control of Cribs and Storerooms

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