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What are tooling boards?

Tooling boards are made from filled polymer materials. They are bonded together to form larger blanks and blocks for models or tools can be CNC-machined. Demand is high for tooling boards!

Tooling boards are used for light metal bending, CNC hold downs, fixtures, RTM tools, models, prototypes and master tooling to just name a few! Many of these tooling boards can be found in many industries, such as,  automotive, FRP shops, aerospace, packaging, metal stamping shops and sign manufacturing.


Precision board is a high-density urethane tooling board specifically engineered to meet the broad range of tooling and tool making applications. This type of tooling board is popular in aerospace, automotive, wind, energy and more!


Valley Tool’s tooling boards are designed and fabricated to meet the wide scope of tooling, modeling, prototyping and fabricating applications found throughout the industries today, and can serve several different industries: Aerospace, Construction, Consumer Recreation, Defense/Ballistics, Industrial/Corrosion, Infrastructure, Marble/Solid Surface, Marine, Transportation, Wind Energy/Power and Signage.


The polyurethane tooling boards provide benefits of ease of machining, stability, fine edge definition and low levels of residual particles for easy cleanup providing alternatives to manufacturers in all industries.

Need Now? No problem, our tooling boards are in stock at our Appleton, Wisconsin

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what types of tooling Board do we stock?

PP-1052 Red Board

Also know as, Red Stuff, it is proven tough, impact-resistant, solid polyurethane, CNC machinable board with excellent abrasion resistance and dimensional stability.

Used in production tooling for medium volume foundry patterns, core boxes, gating and risers; prototype metal forming, and stretch press dies.

Precision Board

High-Density Urethane Tool Board is specifically engineered to meet the demands of tooling and tool making applications. Precision boards are ideal for soft tooling and for quick prototyping, because it can be quickly machined and is more economical then using alternatives, like alloy or epoxy-based.


Precision boards produce less dust – more chips for a better working environment. Environmentally friendly and won’t absorb anything. This type of tooling board can be cut with standard cutting tools, including water jets and lasers!



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