Cylindrical Grinding

Valley Tool has the expertise to provide Cylindrical Grinding services of the highest quality.

Our decades of experience in cylindrical grinding combined with the most advanced CNC technology offers accurate and precise grinding for applications from single piece prototypes or reworks to large scale production applications.

Cylindrical grinding is ideal for parts with single or multiple diameters that need to run concentric with each other. It is also ideal for outside diameters with slots or other features that cause an interrupted cut.

Our CNC dressing units and rotary dressers can produce complicated profiles, radii and spherical radii.

Dimensional accuracy and location of critical areas are enhanced, during the grinding cycle through in-process gauging on many of our cylindrical grinders.

We pride ourselves in using only the best cylindrical grinders!

Studer S33 CNC Grinding Machine


  • In process gauging (determines locations during grinding cycle.)
  • Dressing for OD and face, profile/radius and semi-spherical grinding.
  • Capability of complex profile, angle and taper grinding.
  • Preferred method for interrupted cut outside diameters.
  • Roundness, concentricity and cylindricality measurement.
  • Low lead time and excellent pricing.


  • Diameter Tolerances less than .0001"
  • Surface Finish to 4RA
  • Roundness to .000025"
  • Straightness to .000050"

Dimensional Specs:

  • Diameters up to 13.7"
  • Lengths up to 25"

Shigiya hydraulic cylindrical grinder
series G-30B-150A


  • Swing: 11.8"
  • Center Distance: 63"
  • Wheel Swivel Angle: 0 Deg - 30 Deg
  • Maximum Load Between Center
  • 3 and 4 Jaw Chucks Maximum Grind Dia: 8.7"

Surface Grinding

By surface grinding, we achieve flat, square, and parallel surface finishes on parts up to 12″ x 24″ in size. Achieving surface finishes 8 RMS or better, is not a problem for us. With our ability to hold grinding tolerances to 0.0002″ you know you will receive the quality you need to optimize your final product. When the flatness of the surface is critical, trust our experienced craftsmen who understand the intricacies involved in grinding metal to this level of precision. We offer quick turn-around on our OD / Surface Grinding services, including 24-hour rush service.

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