Unsurpassed Quality! Our quality control program is in place throughout the CNC manufacturing process. Every custom tool is precisely checked to ensure unmatched quality and consistent delivery.

Our investment in state of the art inspection equipment is to better support our customers in their projects. Better inspection leads to better tools, which in turn leads to consistent, superior performance. If your project requires inspection report(s), just let us know at the time of quote!


With our online custom build a tool system, you can upload and submit a custom quote 24/7! No minimums required!

Need your tools fast? Valley Tool has the shortest lead time in the industry! Contact us today to get started on your custom tool request(s).


What is PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating? Is used on most tools to improve hardness, reduce buildup, and provide a longer life of your tools.

Think about coating all your tools: end mills, drills, reamers, and more to help prolong the life of your tools and save you time and money!


Get the hidden advantage! When it comes to tool life, nothing beats a consistent edge preparation. By utilizing the latest technology, we are able to give you the upper hand when it comes to critical tool applications.

Expert Edge Preparation improves tool life by reducing the common causes of failure, such as chipping, heat-induced failure and built-up edge, and it heavily influences tool reliability. Properly honed tools also improve the repeatability of machining operations, assisting the drive toward lights-out manufacturing.

• Adds strength to the cutting edge of the tool

• Lengthens tool life

• Improves part quality and repeatability

• Lowers risk of chipping

• Reduces Edge Build-up


All custom tools are laser marked with a unique part number for identification to reduce error, efficiency and ensure part safety!

It also makes reordering and reconditioning a breeze!


Customized tooling support services and experienced designers lead the way at Valley Tool, Inc. We build your tool with the end in mind, and provide you the most accurate, cost effective tool for  your application in mind. Let Valley Tool, Inc. provide you our wealth of experience in designing and producing quality tooling to help your bottom line!

• Determine proper tool geometry and specific design for you application

• Choose proper tool material and coating

• Reducing tooling cost through superior performance and fast turn-around


At Valley Tool, Inc. we are able to meet most custom tool manufacturer requirements. Our expert engineers can create and modify an in-stock tool to fit your exact specifications as well. With our experience, we can provide you an optimal solution. Modifications ensure faster delivery, decreased costs, and quick shipping.

Call Valley Tool today at 1-800-734-2573 and talk to an expert, and get your project completed in minimal time.

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